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Herbal medicines are excellent for preventative care. Many injuries and illnesses—like a broken bone or a case of bronchitis—are easy to treat with a pre-made herbal formulas. Some complex illnesses however, are best treated with personalized formulas created through an Herbal Consultation to address a person’s whole health.

Tinctures are $10/oz. Teas are $10/pint.

Tinctures are herbal liquid extracts, including alcohol. Teas are dried herbal mixtures that can be steeped or simmered in hot water.

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General Health

Cold and Flu tincture (echinacea, elecampane, boneset, chaparral)
Elderberry Syrup–(with ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper) to boost immunity and prevent illness
Fire Cider–to stimulate digestion and immune function
Immune Boost (elderberry, elder flower, astragalus, ginger) tincture
Digestive Bitters tincture
Allergy Ease tincture (elecampane, goldenrod, ground ivy)
Allergy Ease tea
UTI Relief tincture
Skin Soothing Liniment–(echinacea, plantain, and yarrow) antiseptic, wound healing, itch relieving

Muscles & Bones

Cramp Relief tincture (crampbark, skullcap, meadowsweet, lobelia)
Muscle and Joint Health  tincture (gotu cola, ginkgo, burdock, hawthorn)
Athlete’s Energy tincture (eleuthro, schizandra, burdock)
Sciatica Relief tincture (st johns wort, oats, skullcap, black cohosh)
Tendonitis Free tincture (turmeric, willow, gotu cola, queen annes lace)
Turmeric capsules

Emotional Health

Happy Place tincture (oats, skullcap, hawthorne, passionflower)–for anxiety & insomnia
Ray of Light tincture (lemon balm, hawthorn, mimosa, tulsi)–for depression & blues

Pre- and Post- Natal Support

Fertility Tincture
Fertility Tea
Uterus Prepare Tincture
Uterus Relax Tea
Labor & Delivery Tincture
Nausea Away
Perineal Massage Oil
Placenta Delivery Tincture
Healing Vulva Salve
Healing Sitz Bath
AfterEase Tincture (for afterbirth pains)
Mamma’s Milk Tea
Nipple & Breast Salve


Infant Care

Baby Butt Balm
Diaper Rash Treatment
Healthy Skin Diaper Wipes
Baby’s Bath Mix
Teething Oil
Fever Reducing Formula (for breastfed babies)

Children’s Formulas

Immune Boost glycerite (elderberry, tulsi, and lemon balm)
Focus & Relax glycerite (lemon balm, oats, and gotu cola)
Cold & Cough Relief glycerite (echinacea, ginger, and honeysuckle)

Ayurvedic Formulas

Vata Balancing Formula 
Pitta Balancing Formula 
Kapha Balancing Formula 
Women’s Reproductive Health Formula 

Seasonal Teas

Boost Up, Bundle Up Tea

echinacea flower, monarda, goldenrod, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon


This savory tea is great to fortify your body against the wind and cold of fall and winter time. It boosts your immune system, increases circulation, and helps settle digestion. It is heating and gently drying, making it helpful to combat sniffles and sinus congestion. Infuse 1tsp-1tbsp of loose tea per cup of boiling water for 10-20 minutes. Pregnancy and breast feeding safe.

Lemon Zest Tea

lemon balm, skullcap, passionflower, elderberry, hibiscus, orange peel
This lightening, brightening tea feeds the nervous system, calms the mind, and eases muscle tension in the body. Taken regularly, it can help ease anxiety, bring more restful sleep, fight the wintertime blues, and strengthen your immune system. Infuse 1tsp-1tbsp of loose tea per cup of boiling water for 10-20 minutes. Pregnancy and breast feeding safe.

Kava Chai

kava, ginger, fennel, cardamon, cinnamon, hawthorn berry, orange peel
This non-caffeinated, sweetly spiced tea is deeply relaxing to the body and mind. Like a classical Indian chai, it is stimulating to the digestive system, helps relieve gas and bloating, and healing to the gi tract. Simmer 1tsp of the loose tea for 15-30 minutes and strain. Try this delicious tea with dairy/nondairy milk and a light sweetener.

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