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all session are available on a sliding scale
to schedule a treatment, email me at cultivating.resistance@gmail.com

$35-$55 for a 30 min session
$60-$90 for a 45 min sessionShirodhara
$30-50 for a 30 min treatment
$25-45 for a 30 min session
$50-80 for a 60 min sessionSamadhi Treatment
$30-$50 for a 30 min treatment

Marma is an ancient system of Ayurvedic healing that focuses on places of connection and discernment in the body. Much like acupressure, Marma uses superficial massage to stimulate specific points on the body that can affect entire organs and body processes. It utilizes herbal infusions in warm oil and water, along with light pressure, to remove toxicity and bound energy, to nourish and protect the body, and to bring balance to the different systems of the body.

Marma Treatments can remove toxins (ama) from the body; keep the skin and body youthful and strong; improve lymphatic circulation; balance autonomic nervous system (harmonizing sympathetic and parasympathetic function); promote deep sleep; relieve pain; strengthen organ systems and tissues; regenerate tissues; relieve physical and mental blockages; release blocked energy; balance doshas.


Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on the central nervous system. In a Shirodara treatment, an herbal oil is poured gently and steadily over the forehead using a rhythmic swaying movement that brings you deep mental relaxation. Shirodhara is an exceptionally sattvic experience.


Samadhi Treatment is a grounding, heart centering Marma Treatment that begins with Nasia and ends with Karna Purna. The Marma points stimulated during the treatment are a standardized set designed to soothe the heart and mind, bringing the body into alignment.

Nasia treatments clear problems in the mind, neck, nose and sinus cavity, and can improve the eyesight and tooth problems. The nose is the gateway to the consciousness and the pathway to our internal recovery. In a Nasia treatment, strong smelling infused oils are administered via the nasal passages.

Karna Purna is an Ayurvedic warm ear oiling treatment. Karna purna is hypnotically relaxing and is sometimes done as a part of a Marma treatment. It can be helpful for headaches, ringing in the ears and earaches, jaw pain and facial sensitivity, balance issues, insomnia and vertigo.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that incorporates Chinese, Japanese, and Ayurvedic understandings of how energy moves through the body and works to protect against and create illness. Reiki treatments involve light, subtle contact while the recipient relaxes into a meditative state. Reiki is used to support healing from a wide variety of acute and chronic, physical and mental illnesses.

Enjoy the luxury of Ayurvedic warm oil treatments

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