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$10 / 1 oz bottle

Bloodroot Flower Essence: Willingness to be held. Helping you connect to the parts of the universe that conspire to move you forward on your path.

Broom Flower Essence: Relief from overwhelm, adrenal exhaustion, and burnout.

Comfrey Flower Essence: Brings comfort and self-compassion during trying times of deep healing. Tenderness, solace, joy.

Magnolia Flower Essence: A steadying force during times of transition.

Mayapple Flower Essence: For deep meditation, journey work, connection to spirit.

Meadowsweet Flower Essence: Release of control of how you are seen. Transformation through deep self-love and connection to others.IMG_5664

Perrywinkle Flower Essence: Move from fear to love. (Everything Changes. All that you know will be found untrue. Follow the path of this fear into your true desires and find the life you love.)

Speedwell Flower Essence: Bringing you into right pace.

Tulip Poplar Flower Essence: Increases the capacity to be deeply loved. Offers protection of our sacred, innermost parts, so that we can be fully.

Valerian Flower Essence: Moving stuck emotions. Able to be calm and relaxed, at ease with quietness, able to rest and sleep.

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