“After my doctor recommended knee surgery, I consulted with Monica. I added some simple herbal supplements into my regular diet, and four years later, I still haven’t needed surgical intervention!” -M, age 72

“Thank you so much for building the kind of relationships with these plants that obviously lets them shine so powerfully.” –T, age 40

“Using the Cultivating Resistance Herbals Cholesterol Lowering Formula, and under the supervision of my doctor, and I’ve been off my statins for three years! My body feels better than ever.” —J, age 74

“I’ve received treatment for my seasonal allergies for the last eight years from Cultivating Resistance Herbals, and I don’t know how I’d survive the season without my allergy tincture! I typically get intense headaches, runny nose, and terrible sinus pressure. With the tincture, I have none of those! I have also learned more about myself and the plants in the process.” —Carly

“Carefully and skillfully prepared by a serious herbalist, these essences and combinations heal, restore, and comfort.”—Gary

“After two years using herbal medicines recommended by Monica, my doctor has taken me off my metformin and my arthritic fingers have begun to unkink.”—B, age 78

Community Herbalist in Durham NC

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